What Makes Us Precily

AI is the future, but what is the future of humans in AI? We at Precily firmly believe that AI will push forward the human race by unleashing human bandwidth to solve even more complex problems. Precily is determined to provide latest deep learning and Artificial Intelligence Technologies that help organisations increase the efficiency of their operations in solving complex problems and foster large scale and rapid innovation

Meet the Team

  • Bharath Rao

    Founder/ CEO

  • Sachin Kumar Rajput

    Product/ Engineering

  • Shweta Dutta

    Tax/ Legal

  • Ashok Madaravally

    Strategy/ Business

Our Advisors

  • Ashutosh Chadha

    Investor/ Strategic Advisor

  • Rohit Goyal

    Investor/ Strategic Advisor

  • Anil Advani

    Investor/ Legal Counsel

Our Investors & Affiliations

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