With Precily Artificial Intelligence you can perform specific tasks that will only possible through human intuition and intervention.

We use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities such as NLP, Neural Networks in Processing the data to provide solutions for various industries such as Enterprise, Healthcare, Legal.

How can Precily AI help you?

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  • Summarizing Business Reports: Automatic summarization, shortening a business document, book with our AI. Create a summary with the major points of the original document. AI can make a coherent summary taking into account variables such as length, writing style and syntax.
  • Easy Document Finding using a BOT: Once a user enters the file name the bot will search for the file in all the email servers, cloud storage
  • Plagiarism and Grammar check on the email, documents


  • Analysis of Prescription and Medical notes
  • Handwriting Recognition: Handwritten text is a major source of error in patient care and drug administration
  • Our AI based pen can be used like a regular pen . It sense letters and words being written, generate pdf thus eliminating error


  • Summarizing Legal Cases highlighting relevant sections of the law
  • Summaries point to relevant cases (based on keywords)
  • Identifies Priority of Cases to be read & reduces the number of cases to be read in detail
  • Highlights other similar Case summaries decided at High Court and Supreme Court