Deep Learning

Precily app summaries your business documents with key takeaways and usable phrases as tags applying the most advanced deep learning algorithms.
Draw insights super fast.
Improve document processing efficiency.


Search for documents fast with a friendly helper. Type in a few words that describe your subject.
Precily app recommends the go-to documents, with enterprise server locations, owners and access permissions, if any. See titles of another five documents that are connected and how.

Reduce search time.
Build solid grasp of issues.
Explore linkages to subject area.

Why Precily



Employers can grant/remove access to users/employees from the platform. Employers can also track activity by specific user from the Dashboard.



Any new feature or solution we will be adding to the platform will be made available to all the existing customers.



Our AI Engine is capable of summarizing business documents, books, legal documents very fast.
Engine is capable of summarizing 70K words in less than 90 seconds.

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